12 de ago de 2010

Solar Cities

Sustainable and Intelligent Future Cities: also Solar Cities

Professor Carlos Leite, sustainable and smart cities expert, will be a keynote-speaker at the 4th International Solar Cities Initiative Congress from September16-19 2010 in Dezhou - already is China Solar City

It is not too long ago that a group of scientists predicted that mankind can not continue like the Western World was doing. Disasters and shortages should be the result.
Now, around 40 years after the Club of Rome published its first report, more and more people are aware that the "locust like lifestyle" of the so called developed countries cannot become the world standard. That lifestyle has to change and stop promoting itself as the example for everybody.
Sustainability is a word with a rapidly increasing importance in public opinion.
Society and its cities should be developed in such a way that use of materials and energy does not exceed the ability of Earth to support it.
The use of energy by far has the largest negative impact of our environment and is exhausting the stock of minerals containing it at an incredible speed. In a few ages mankind uses what had been formed in millions of years.
Solar energy and its derivates are easily available and easily to harvest if we just aim for it and are willing to make an effort.
Our buildings can stay comfortable and could nearly operate without the need of external heat sources by using the natural behaviour of the sun. The basic principles have been known for ages.
We can harvest solar heat with low or high tech solar collectors. More than hundred years ago this technique was highly developed already.
And we can make electricity from sunlight with rapidly increasing efficiency and decreasing cost.
By "going solar" cities set the most important and influential step to sustainability.
Therefore sustainable cities have to be solar cities.

4th International Solar Cities Initiative Congress
The 4th International Solar Cities Congress will be held in Dezhou, China in 2010 and will be held in a new conference centre that will source 95% of its energy needs from renewable energy and will feature a 5000m2 solar system, a solar desalination plant and a solar energy theme park. It promises to be an event not to be missed !